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30 May Best Herpes Treatment

best herpes treatmentThe best herpes remedies can often prevent future herpes outbreaks — and effective herbal herpes “cures” are available that do not require a doctor’s prescription. Although herpes is quite common, many are embarrassed and ashamed about their condition and avoid seeking medical treatment or getting proper oral or genital herpes remedies. Genital herpes, typically caused by HSV 2, is thought of as being more negative than HSV 1, despite being easier to conceal from the public. Oral herpes outbreaks, normally brought on by HSV 1, are more socially acceptable, but are hard to hide.

If either an oral or genital outbreak does occur, making use of herpes remedies can often help to speed up healing time in addition to inhibiting recurrent herpes. Some natural remedies can even prevent outbreaks from occurring altogether!

The Best Herpes Treatment to Manage Herpes Symptoms

“Herpes is an unjustifiably stigmatized sexually transmitted disease, according to one expert.

Nigel Scott, information officer at the Herpes Viruses Association (HVA), said studies in the past have shown that it is the second-most stigmatized condition after HIV and this has prevented some people seeking treatment.

He explained that the infection is the result of two viruses, which can lead to cold sores or genital herpes depending on which body part becomes infected.

Although there is much less discrimination against people with cold sores, from a purely medical perspective, these are more dangerous than genital herpes as they can spread to the eye or brain, said the expert.

“Some will catch it and will never get any noticeable symptoms” and will never get diagnosed, Mr. Scott added.

According to the HVA, most people in the UK have been infected by the herpes simplex virus at some point.”

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Until herpes cures are found, managing oral or genital herpes with the natural remedies is the most effective way to deal with symptoms. Have you had any success using a treatment for herpes? Cures may be a long way away, but many types of treatment are known for their ability to provide “cures” for sores! By suppressing the virus and keeping it from reaching the epidermis (skin layers), treatment “cures” away the symptoms of herpes. If your treatment is effective (or completely ineffective!) let us know by posting in the comment box below!

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