Can Herpes be Cured?

11 May Can Herpes be Cured?

can herpes be curedMany people wonder, “Can herpes be cured?” and while this will likely be possible in the future, herpes cures have not yet been developed. Once people contracts the herpes virus, whether it be HSV 1, HSV 2, shingles or another form of herpes, it is with them for life. There are recurrent herpes remedies that suppress outbreaks and other solutions to promote fast healing of lesions — but none of these are actual herpes cures.

The herpes virus family contains several different members, each of which is responsible for unwanted symptoms. Conditions such as chickenpox, genital lesions, fever blisters and shingles are all caused by different forms of herpes.

Popular Herpes Treatment Question: “Can Herpes be Cured?”

“The family of herpes viruses comprises several members which are responsible for conditions such as chickenpox, shingles, genital sores, and cold sores. Herpes infections literally last a lifetime. EBV is a ubiquitous herpes virus, which is the causative agent of infectious mononucleosis (glandular fever), but is also implicated in the development of lymphomas and other types of cancer.

The genetic material of herpes viruses is made up of DNA that stably persists in infected cells. Strikingly, the infectious particles of many herpes viruses also contain specific RNAs transcribed from the viral genome during the preceding infectious cycle, and it has recently become clear that these are delivered to newly infected cells together with the viral DNA.

A research team led by Professor Reinhard Zeidler, of LMU Munich University Hospitals and the Helmholtz Center Munich, has now deciphered the function of these viral RNA molecules. “We were able to show that they allow the herpes simplex to manipulate host cell function during the early stages of infection. And this process is clearly essential to ensure that the viral DNA swiftly established within the host cell.” The results thus reveal a new layer of complexity in the life cycle of herpes viruses.”

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There are a number of natural oral and genital herpes remedies that can prevent future herpes outbreaks, but while suppressed, herpes itself is still alive and present in the body. However, with thousands of researchers trying to develop a way to eliminate herpes, it is likely that cures for herpes viruses will one day be found.

Indeed, one of the newest findings in the search for herpes labialis and genital herpes cures is a vaccine that boosts the immune system and quarantines HSV to the nerve cells it has infected. The vaccine cannot kill the herpes, but it “cures” symptoms by eliminating the virus’s ability to rise to the surface of the skin.

The vaccine, while effective, is also expensive and a bit unnecessary. Current antiviral remedies (such as acyclovir and A natural supplement) already provide the immune-boosting power of the vaccine, without the pain or price of an injection.

As with the vaccine, a prescription antiviral like acyclovir “cures” oral and genital herpes symptoms but does not destroy the HSV. Unfortunately, this is not without a cost for prescription “cures.” Side effects of prescribed treatment can vary widely, from severe life-threatening skin conditions (admittedly very rare) to very common bouts of nausea, gastrointestinal issues, and headaches.

Fortunately, prescribed antiviral remedies are not your only option. Natural treatment for oral and genital herpes is available, and it is both effective and safe. The natural treatment is especially effective, and provides exceptional results; this treatment not only reduces instances of asymptomatic shedding (a period as contagious as an outbreak but without the symptoms), improves healing time of active outbreaks, and even prevents future outbreaks from occurring. This treatment is also much more cost-effective than prescribed remedies, as A natural supplement is not produced by any greedy pharmaceutical companies looking to get rich off of peoples’ illnesses. In fact the treatment is so effective that some users have reported being outbreak-free for ten months straight while on the natural treatment.

The development of cures for oral and genital herpes may be far away, but remedies are available now. Herpes does not have to rule your life. Take control of your condition and be yourself again – don’t let this disease hold you back!

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