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17 Apr Burning Mouth Syndrome Caused by Herpes Simplex 1


Burning Mouth SyndromeWhat is “Burning Mouth” Syndrome?

Many people are affected by a syndrome known as “Burning Mouth”.  The syndrome causes a burning sensation in the mouth that can affect the tongue, lips, gums, throat and palate. Sometimes the sensation is noted as a tingling or scalding sensation. It can also cause dry mouth or an altered or metallic taste in the mouth.  The pain can start suddenly, and last for months or even years, causing constant pain every day.

When patients seek medical help for this condition, their doctor often cannot find a cause. There is no specific test that doctors routinely use to diagnose this condition.

There was a recent case in the news where a healthy 65 year old woman had burning mouth syndrome and reported her symptoms to her doctor and dentist, who were both stumped by her symptoms and what could be causing them. They could find no lesions or apparent cause for her symptoms.

They prescribed special rinses and mouthwashes, told her to avoid toothpaste and mouthwashes with whitening agents, but nothing alleviated her symptoms.

The Cause is Found!

Finally, after six months of dealing with the pain and irritation of this syndrome, the doctor decided to test her saliva for herpes simplex 1.
The test came back showing her saliva was teeming with herpes simplex 1 virus!
Once she began treatment with an anti-viral, her symptoms finally subsided and she has not had a recurrence of burning mouth.

What you can do about burning mouth syndrome

This case reveals how many people are infected with the herpes simplex virus without knowing it, and how it can affect you in unusual ways.  If the patient had been aware she was infected, if she had had a prior outbreak, perhaps the doctors may have been able to resolve her condition much sooner. But herpes simplex can be a “silent” virus, invading your body with no symptoms until low immunity, hormonal changes or stress activate the virus and cause symptoms. Unfortunately, doctors do not think to test for the herpes virus for this syndrome unless the patient has an active outbreak or history of herpes.

The facial nerves that the herpes simplex virus affects can cause many different symptoms, and as proven by this case, you can have herpes activate, even the first time, in an unusual manner such as burning mouth, instead of the typical cold sores.

If you suffer from burning mouth syndrome, an anti-viral may give you the relief you need!


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10 Jul Treatment for Herpes Simplex 2

treatment for herpes simplex 2Obtaining remedies for herpes simplex 2 (also known as genital herpes) does not necessarily require frequent doctor’s visits or expensive prescription “cures”. To deal with genital herpes, herpes suffers typically find faster and more long-term relief using all-natural herpes remedies. Unlike prescription herpes “cures” and drugs, these alternative remedies have no side-effects and are completely safe. By incorporating antiviral ingredients found in nature, these herbal remedies are able to keep herpes dormant after the initial infection. When the immune system is supported and the virus is suppressed, most users experience very few, if any, recurrent outbreaks. Until oral and genital herpes cures are developed, this is by far the most effective and cost-efficient way to reduce the effects of herpes …Read More»

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09 Jul Topical Treatment for Herpes

topical treatment for herpesThose living with HSV often search for a herpes treatment that not only will help to heal their current lesions, but prevent future outbreaks from recurring. These sufferers often turn to an oral or topical treatment for herpes in an effort to keep the virus as bay. Topical treatments often seem like a good choice because they are applied directly to the skin to directly kill the infection, but while this option seems promising, it can actually do more harm than good. A topical HSV treatment can help to alleviate symptoms initially, but may degrade the skin and promote more outbreaks over time. Natural herpes treatments taken orally are a far better alternative because they attack the herpes simplex virus from two different angles — they promote fast healing while forcing the virus to remain dormant in the system. …Read More»
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06 Jul Ways to Treat Herpes

ways to treat herpesIn order to help the large number of people suffering with unwanted herpes symptoms, Herpes Treatment Site has created a list of the 4 most popular ways to treat herpes and relieve unwanted symptoms.


  • Prescription Drugs: These physician-prescribed medications can be effective, but are costly and are associated with a large number of unwanted side-effects.


  • Topical Creams: Lotions and creams are usually less effective than antiviral oral products.


  • Home Remedies: Certain herpes treatments at home can help to soothe symptoms, but do not prevent future outbreaks or encourage the healing of current outbreaks. Popular home remedies include:
    • Taking a Warm Bath
    • Cleansing with Soap and Warm Water
    • Coating with Baking Soda/Cornstarch
    • Soothing with Ice
    • Applying Milk

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02 Jul Best Cold Sore Treatment

best cold sore treatmentThe best cold sore treatment not only helps to accelerate the healing of an HSV 1 blister, it suppresses the virus to prevent future outbreaks. While most people know that oral herpes causes cold sores on the lips, many are unaware that lesions can also occur on the throat, tongue, roof of the mouth, cheeks and gums. But blisters and bumps are not the only indications of oral herpes — some individuals experience fever, muscle aches and other symptoms during an outbreak.

HSV 1 is not as rare as one might think…the truth of the matter is that between 50 and 80 percent of Americans have oral herpes and many are able to control their herpes outbreaks using all-natural herpes treatments. A number of antiviral ingredients are found in nature that are extremely effective and have no side-effects. …Read More»

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23 Jun HSV 1 Treatment

Cold SoresWhether you are seeking out an HSV 2 or HSV 1 treatment, there are a number of alternatives out there that are safer and more effective than herpes medications. These all-natural products are made using ingredients found in nature that have been documented to suppress and promote the healing of the herpes simplex virus.

Most cold sores (also known as fever blisters) are caused by an HSV 1 infection, but can be instigated by HSV 2 as well. And while most often known for promoting lesions, HSV 1 can lead to other herpes symptoms and signs.

HSV 1 Symptoms Include:

  • fever,
  • fatigue,
  • swollen lymph nodes,
  • irritability, and
  • muscle aches.

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12 Jun Natural Treatment for Shingles

natural treatment for shinglesNatural remedies for shingles can be an effective way for infected individuals to mitigate painful symptoms.

Any individual who has contracted chicken pox is at risk for developing shingles later in life. The varicella-zoster virus is responsible for causing an initial chickenpox outbreak, and it remains dormant in the body for many years; later in life (usually age 60 or older), it may resurface and cause shingles. This condition can be extremely painful and often embarrassing, but there are ways to control shingles. Taking non-prescription shingles “cures” will boost the immune system and promote faster healing of the painful rash. …Read More»

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11 Jun Herpes News

herpes newsAccording to a recent herpes news article, HSV positive individuals in Oregon are legally responsible for infecting their sexual partners. Last week, a court granted a Beaverton, Ohio woman $900,000 after she was infected with genital herpes after a sexual encounter. Not only is the man who infected her responsible for her genital herpes remedies, but for the pain and suffering associated with the disease.

While genital herpes is normally spread during outbreaks, it can be passed onto sexual partners even when no lesions are present. If you are infected with the herpes, it is not only important to find herpes remedies to treat your symptoms, but to become educated about herpes. The man held responsible in the article below stated that he was unaware that he could transmit the virus at any time – but despite his claims, he was forced to pay almost $1 million in damages. …Read More»

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01 Jun Herpes Virus Treatment

herpes virus treatmentBecause HSV is a very common sexually transmitted disease, effective herpes virus remedies are important to a large number of individuals. While it is more likely that herpes will be transmitted during an outbreak, HSV is transmittable even when no lesions are present. Taking an antiviral can help to prevent herpes outbreaks while decreasing the likelihood that  it will be spread to sexual partners. A number of herpes remedies exist including over the counter herpes remedies and prescription herpes medications.

During an initial HSV outbreak, infected individuals not only suffer from painful blisters, they often experience herpes outbreak symptoms including rash, body aches, painful urination, fever, swollen glands and more. …Read More»

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30 May Best Herpes Treatment

best herpes treatmentThe best herpes remedies can often prevent future herpes outbreaks — and effective herbal herpes “cures” are available that do not require a doctor’s prescription. Although herpes is quite common, many are embarrassed and ashamed about their condition and avoid seeking medical treatment or getting proper oral or genital herpes remedies. Genital herpes, typically caused by HSV 2, is thought of as being more negative than HSV 1, despite being easier to conceal from the public. Oral herpes outbreaks, normally brought on by HSV 1, are more socially acceptable, but are hard to hide.

If either an oral or genital outbreak does occur, making use of herpes remedies can often help to speed up healing time in addition to inhibiting recurrent herpes. Some natural remedies can even prevent outbreaks from occurring altogether! …Read More»

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