Herpes Treatment Women

25 May Signs of Genital Herpes in Women

signs of herpes in womenWhile the general signs of genital herpes in males and females are similar, there are some signs of herpes in women that do not affect men. Both sexes typically suffer with pain, itching and blisters, but many women experience the following unique symptoms:

  • Blisters on the vulva and vaginal opening
  • Cervicitis
  • Pain with urination
  • Infection and inflammation of the urethra
  • Vaginal discharge

Occasionally, women who get genital herpes do not experience any herpes symptoms, and they do not seek out herpes remedies. New research suggests that young women who are not aware they are infected with HSV 2 might be inciting the present herpes epidemic. Many women who have not been tested and see no indication that they have herpes and are unknowingly spreading HSV to others. …Read More»

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11 Apr Herpes Treatment for Women

herpes treatment for womenA herpes treatment for women usually involves taking prescription medications or natural supplements until a herpes treatment cure is discovered. But oftentimes women need more than methods to reduce the number and severity of herpes outbreaks. Joining a support community can be extremely beneficial for those suffering with the herpes virus. These online communities allow herpes suffers to connect with one another for support, to ask questions and even to offer advice. In addition to sharing herpes treatment information, members can discuss other difficulties that those living with herpes endure. …Read More»
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