Herpes Treatment

09 Jul Topical Treatment for Herpes

topical treatment for herpesThose living with HSV often search for a herpes treatment that not only will help to heal their current lesions, but prevent future outbreaks from recurring. These sufferers often turn to an oral or topical treatment for herpes in an effort to keep the virus as bay. Topical treatments often seem like a good choice because they are applied directly to the skin to directly kill the infection, but while this option seems promising, it can actually do more harm than good. A topical HSV treatment can help to alleviate symptoms initially, but may degrade the skin and promote more outbreaks over time. Natural herpes treatments taken orally are a far better alternative because they attack the herpes simplex virus from two different angles — they promote fast healing while forcing the virus to remain dormant in the system. …Read More»
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06 Jul Ways to Treat Herpes

ways to treat herpesIn order to help the large number of people suffering with unwanted herpes symptoms, Herpes Treatment Site has created a list of the 4 most popular ways to treat herpes and relieve unwanted symptoms.


  • Prescription Drugs: These physician-prescribed medications can be effective, but are costly and are associated with a large number of unwanted side-effects.


  • Topical Creams: Lotions and creams are usually less effective than antiviral oral products.


  • Home Remedies: Certain herpes treatments at home can help to soothe symptoms, but do not prevent future outbreaks or encourage the healing of current outbreaks. Popular home remedies include:
    • Taking a Warm Bath
    • Cleansing with Soap and Warm Water
    • Coating with Baking Soda/Cornstarch
    • Soothing with Ice
    • Applying Milk

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05 Jul Genital Herpes Infection Risks

genital herpes infectionIn addition to being painful and embarrassing, a genital herpes infection can pose a number of significant health risks. HSV 2 symptoms are not just limited to blisters and bumps, psychological anguish, itching, backaches, headaches, fever and fatigue can all occur during an outbreak. Additionally, a pregnant women infected with genital herpes can potentially pass the infection to her newborn during childbirth. This puts the infant in significant danger and can even result in death.

Because many people do not show genital herpes symptoms and signs, it is important for all sexually active individuals to undergo HSV lab testing. Proper diagnosis and herpes treatment are key to preventing the transmission of the herpes simplex virus. …Read More»

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03 Jul Cold Sore on the Eye

cold sore on the eyeWhen most people think about herpes, oral and genital lesions typically come to mind — but these are not the only locations that HSV can infect. If either HSV 1 or HSV 2 comes into contact with the face, a cold sore on the eye can appear. Often referred to as ocular herpes, an infection on the eye can cause the following symptoms:


  • Irritation
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurred vision
  • Tears and discharge

While ocular herpes is typically not serious, many individuals turn to a herpes treatment to deal with the uncomfortable and embarrassing infection. …Read More»

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02 Jul Best Cold Sore Treatment

best cold sore treatmentThe best cold sore treatment not only helps to accelerate the healing of an HSV 1 blister, it suppresses the virus to prevent future outbreaks. While most people know that oral herpes causes cold sores on the lips, many are unaware that lesions can also occur on the throat, tongue, roof of the mouth, cheeks and gums. But blisters and bumps are not the only indications of oral herpes — some individuals experience fever, muscle aches and other symptoms during an outbreak.

HSV 1 is not as rare as one might think…the truth of the matter is that between 50 and 80 percent of Americans have oral herpes and many are able to control their herpes outbreaks using all-natural herpes treatments. A number of antiviral ingredients are found in nature that are extremely effective and have no side-effects. …Read More»

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25 Jun Top Reasons to Avoid Prescription HSV Drugs

Prescription DrugsOnce infected with the herpes simplex virus (commonly known as HSV), an individual has a number of options to deal with the various symptoms and signs. Oftentimes, consumers automatically turn to prescription drugs to deal with their illnesses despite the fact that many ingredients found in nature can manage their ailments with fewer side effects and at a lower cost. Herpes Treatment Site’s “Top Reasons to Avoid Prescription HSV Drugs” was developed in an effort to educate readers of the negative aspects of herpes simplex virus medications
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24 Jun Is Herpes Zoster Contagious?

Herpes ZosterConsidering that nearly one in three people will develop shingles at some point during their lifetime, it is no wonder men and women everywhere are wondering, “Is herpes zoster contagious?” but the answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. Shingles can not cause shingles in another person, but a person with shingles can pass on the varicella zoster virus (VZV) to a non-infected individual. If a person has never contracted chicken pox, he can be infected with VZV and develop chickenpox…but not shingles.

You are more likely to develop shingles if you are over 60 years of age, contracted chicken pox before the age of 1, or have a weak immune system. You can decrease the likelihood of developing shingles outbreaks by using an effective herpes treatment. …Read More»

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23 Jun HSV 1 Treatment

Cold SoresWhether you are seeking out an HSV 2 or HSV 1 treatment, there are a number of alternatives out there that are safer and more effective than herpes medications. These all-natural products are made using ingredients found in nature that have been documented to suppress and promote the healing of the herpes simplex virus.

Most cold sores (also known as fever blisters) are caused by an HSV 1 infection, but can be instigated by HSV 2 as well. And while most often known for promoting lesions, HSV 1 can lead to other herpes symptoms and signs.

HSV 1 Symptoms Include:

  • fever,
  • fatigue,
  • swollen lymph nodes,
  • irritability, and
  • muscle aches.

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18 Jun HSV 2 Transmission

hsv 2 transmissionAnother large sum HSV 2 transmission lawsuit has been filed — this time in DuPage County, Illinois. An unnamed woman is seeking over $200,000 in damages and future herpes treatment costs from her ex-boyfriend, also from DuPage. The woman is claiming that her boyfriend, who was married during the time of the incident, knowingly infected her with genital herpes and neglected to inform her of his condition. According to court documents, the woman claims that her former boyfriend told her that he was clean, had no STDs, and was committed to a monogamous relationship with her.

This case is quite similar to a recent herpes news article in which an Ohio woman was granted $900,000 from the man who had given her genital herpes. Since no convenient cures for oral or genital herpes exist, lawsuits can often rake in a lot of cash. People who become infected with the herpes virus can sue not just for the price of treatment, but for physical, mental, and social damage caused by the condition …Read More»

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15 Jun How Do You Get Herpes in Your Mouth?

how do you get herpes in your mouthWith so many myths and misconceptions surrounding the herpes simplex virus, it is no wonder people everywhere are becoming increasingly confused about HSV transmission. One of the most popular questions regarding this matter is, “How do you get herpes in your mouth?” — and while most people assume the answer is from HSV 1, this is not always the case. Oral herpes can be caused by either an HSV 1 or HSV 2 infection and is transmitted through contact with infected skin, saliva or mucous membranes.

Once they have contracted oral herpes, infected individuals may experience a range of signs and symptoms. In addition to visible lesions, outbreaks can result in fatigue, irritability, muscle ache, a fever and more. A variety of herpes treatment options exist to help people manage their oral herpes outbreaks and prevent future recurrences. …Read More»

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