Recurrent Herpes Treatment

03 Jul Cold Sore on the Eye

cold sore on the eyeWhen most people think about herpes, oral and genital lesions typically come to mind — but these are not the only locations that HSV can infect. If either HSV 1 or HSV 2 comes into contact with the face, a cold sore on the eye can appear. Often referred to as ocular herpes, an infection on the eye can cause the following symptoms:


  • Irritation
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurred vision
  • Tears and discharge

While ocular herpes is typically not serious, many individuals turn to a herpes treatment to deal with the uncomfortable and embarrassing infection. …Read More»

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15 Jun How Do You Get Herpes in Your Mouth?

how do you get herpes in your mouthWith so many myths and misconceptions surrounding the herpes simplex virus, it is no wonder people everywhere are becoming increasingly confused about HSV transmission. One of the most popular questions regarding this matter is, “How do you get herpes in your mouth?” — and while most people assume the answer is from HSV 1, this is not always the case. Oral herpes can be caused by either an HSV 1 or HSV 2 infection and is transmitted through contact with infected skin, saliva or mucous membranes.

Once they have contracted oral herpes, infected individuals may experience a range of signs and symptoms. In addition to visible lesions, outbreaks can result in fatigue, irritability, muscle ache, a fever and more. A variety of herpes treatment options exist to help people manage their oral herpes outbreaks and prevent future recurrences. …Read More»

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30 May Best Herpes Treatment

best herpes treatmentThe best herpes remedies can often prevent future herpes outbreaks — and effective herbal herpes “cures” are available that do not require a doctor’s prescription. Although herpes is quite common, many are embarrassed and ashamed about their condition and avoid seeking medical treatment or getting proper oral or genital herpes remedies. Genital herpes, typically caused by HSV 2, is thought of as being more negative than HSV 1, despite being easier to conceal from the public. Oral herpes outbreaks, normally brought on by HSV 1, are more socially acceptable, but are hard to hide.

If either an oral or genital outbreak does occur, making use of herpes remedies can often help to speed up healing time in addition to inhibiting recurrent herpes. Some natural remedies can even prevent outbreaks from occurring altogether! …Read More»

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02 Apr Is Recurrent Herpes Treatment Really More Popular in April?

recurrent herpes treatmentWhile sexual health and information is important every month of the year, April is “Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness Month” as declared by the Centers for Disease Control. This means that finding a recurrent herpes treatment is more popular than ever before. And to commemorate, we have a developed a list of the top 3 most important facts about herpes treatments.

1. Individuals in the 15-24 year old age range account for approximately 50% of all new sexually transmitted diseases. These individuals can benefit from innovations in recurrent herpes treatments. …Read More»

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