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07 May Genital Herpes Cure

genital herpes treatment cureWith upwards of 15-20% of Americans suffering from genital herpes, it is no wonder researchers everywhere are tirelessly endeavoring to come up with a genital herpes cure. Once infected, a person carries the herpes simplex virus for life and to must turn to herpes remedies, acute therapy, or suffer with recurrent herpes outbreaks.

A herpes infection causes more than just physical lesions; people with herpes often experience depression, anxiety, headaches, backaches and even flu-like symptoms. And because one is more likely to contract HIV after they have caught genital herpes, finding a genital herpes cure may save a number of lives.

The Search for a Genital Herpes Cure

“Herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) is the primary cause of genital herpes, a common sexually transmitted disease with at least 40 to 60 million infected individuals in the U.S. alone. Significant morbidity and mortality are associated with HSV-2 transmission to the neonate; a minimum of 2,500 cases occur annually. HSV-2 infection increases the risk of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) acquisition.

Approximately two-thirds of genital herpes-infected subjects develop clinically overt recurrent disease.

Regardless of the mechanism of latency reactivation, at least 37 to 57% of infected subjects claim that genital herpes interferes with sexual relationships, triggers anxiety and depression, and ruins their lives. The worldwide social and economic burden created by genital herpes infection has stimulated major interest in vaccines that prevent infection and/or recurrent disease. However, success has been elusive.”

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Until  herpes cures are found, an infected individual may find relief using a natural herpes treatment. While antiviral remedies are not herpes cures, they can still suppress outbreaks. This means that antiviral treatment “cures” symptoms, if not herpes itself.

Nonprescription natural treatment is actually superior to other forms of herpes treatment because it does not have the harmful side effects associated with prescription remedies. Because of this, natural remedies have been rising in popularity as a herpes treatment both for its lower price and its incredible effectiveness when combating oral and genital herpes. If you are tired of searching high and low through fake herpes “cures” and sub-par remedies, look no farther than natural remedies- Herpes Treatment Site’s most favored herpes treatment.

Not only do these effective antiviral ingredients decrease the duration of a herpes outbreak, they can actually prevent future outbreaks. By managing recurrent herpes outbreaks, one can decrease the chance he will pass on the virus to sexual partners while enjoying life symptom-free.

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