Social Networking and Genital Herpes Treatment

02 Apr Social Networking and Genital Herpes Treatment

genital herpes treatmentWhile we all know that our friends directly influence our daily lives, researchers are now finding that people’s risk of developing sexually transmitted diseases may also be directly correlated to our social circles. Studies are beginning to indicate that people within the same social networks are more likely to share similar risk-taking behaviors as well as sleep with the same individuals. By focusing on the risk of a social network, researchers are beginning to evaluate the risk factors among groups of friends. This growing knowledge may prove to be a key element in genital herpes treatment and HSV.

Genital Herpes Treatment Through Social Networking

“Peter Leone, a professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina’s Center for Infectious Diseases, is one of those experts. Earlier this month, he spoke at an international health conference and underscored the importance of exploring such possibilities. Real-world social networks — in other words, a person’s circle of friends and sexual partners — have already proved to be strong predictors of STI risk, he says. It follows that sites like Facebook, which convene all of those real-world connections in one virtual setting, have huge potential in this arena.

Leone found that when sexual partners of patients newly diagnosed with HIV came in for testing, 20 percent turned up HIV-positive. It might seem counter-intuitive to extend the targeted test circle to those a newly diagnosed patient is merely friends with, but people in the same social circle often sleep with the same people, and might engage in similar risk-related behavior. Instead of looking at people within a particular at-risk demographic, this approach allows them to target known clusters of infection.

Makes you think of the people on your “Close Friends” list a bit differently, doesn’t it?”

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Unlike other health topics, most people wish to keep their sexual history and diseases a secret — this makes it difficult to spread genital herpes treatment and prevention information via social networks sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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