Herbal Herpes Treatment

27 Apr Herbal Herpes Treatment

herbal herpes treatmentRather than suffer through the high costs and unwanted side-effects of prescription herpes treatment drugs, many infected individuals are opting for safer and arguably more effective herbal herpes treatment options. Fever blisters (caused by HSV 1) and genital lesions (typically a result of HSV 2) can both benefit from natural herpes treatment alternatives.

A genital herpes treatment made using herbal ingredients typically works by strengthening the immune system and prevent recurrent herpes outbreaks. This same type of herpes treatment can work just as well on both oral herpes and herpes zoster (shingles). By managing herpes and suppressing outbreaks, infected individuals are less likely to pass on HSV and are able to live virtually outbreak free.

Herbal Herpes Treatment for HSV 1 and HSV 2: What is the Difference?

“Fever blisters are a non-threatening symptom of the extremely common type-1 herpes simplex virus.

Fever blisters are the physical effects of the type-1 herpes simplex virus, to be notably distinguished from the type-2 variety which causes what is commonly called genital herpes. Fever blisters are sometimes referred to as “oral herpes”, but this can be misleading, as type-2 herpes simplex can sometimes (if rarely) infect the mouth.

It’s estimated that as many as 80% of Americans in their lifetime will contract the type-1 herpes simplex virus and have to deal with its effects.

The virus that produces fever blisters is highly contagious when blisters are present, especially when they have ruptured. Often the disease is spread by kissing or other close (though not necessarily sexual) contact, but the virus can also be spread over surfaces.

When infecting a host, the virus finds its way to a nerve center not far from the cheekbone where it makes its permanent home. Generally, it will remain dormant in this location, causing you absolutely no harm, but the virus can at times travel along your nerves to the surface of your mouth and lips, where it will blister in the attempt to spread. This will happen most often during times of physical or emotional stress, as well as during hormonal imbalances like menstruation and puberty.

Recurrent symptoms are usually less severe than the symptoms expressed by those who receive the initial blisters, but can display themselves stronger in some individuals than others.”

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If you are infected with HSV 1 or HSV 2, do not worry — herbal herpes treatment options exist that are extremely effective and completely safe. Until there is a herpes treatment cure, these natural herpes treatment alternatives are the best option to live life outbreak-free.

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