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02 May Herpes Medication

herpes medicationBecause there is no herpes treatment cure, once an individual is infected with the herpes simplex virus, it is with him for life. To treat herpes, a consumer can turn to an antiviral herpes medication, natural herpes simplex treatment or simply do nothing at all. Antiviral herpes medications do work, but they are often extremely expensive and come with a number of unwanted side-effects.

Fact of the matter is finding a herpes medication to manage HSV symptoms may not be as effective as antivirals found in nature. And unlike drugs, these herbal ingredients boost the immune system as a whole to prevent other infections and improve one’s overall health.

Man-made antivirals can only target one specific infection — and if a broad-spectrum antiviral was developed, it would likely eradicate good bacteria as well as unwanted infections.

The Downside of Herpes Medication Alternatives

“There are antivirals for herpes. There are antivirals for HIV. … Now, if you were to get Ebola and you tried to take HIV drugs, they’d do you no good at all because that HIV drug only works for HIV. It’s a narrow-spectrum drug, and really, there are no broad-spectrum antivirals, at this point.”

But successfully eradicating viruses may bring a host of other problems, says Zimmer. He points to broad-spectrum antibiotics, which wipe out good bacteria in addition to bad bacteria.

“Eventually your body may recover, and it can take awhile, and there may be some bad consequences of the antibiotics themselves,” he says. “So it’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the future if we are, in fact, knocking out lots of viruses. Because we don’t understand the full ecology of the viruses that get into our bodies.”

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  • Have you read any studies on herbs or plants that are more effective at treating the herpes virus than a prescription herpes medication?
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