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11 Jun Herpes News

herpes newsAccording to a recent herpes news article, HSV positive individuals in Oregon are legally responsible for infecting their sexual partners. Last week, a court granted a Beaverton, Ohio woman $900,000 after she was infected with genital herpes after a sexual encounter. Not only is the man who infected her responsible for her genital herpes remedies, but for the pain and suffering associated with the disease.

While genital herpes is normally spread during outbreaks, it can be passed onto sexual partners even when no lesions are present. If you are infected with the herpes, it is not only important to find herpes remedies to treat your symptoms, but to become educated about herpes. The man held responsible in the article below stated that he was unaware that he could transmit the virus at any time – but despite his claims, he was forced to pay almost $1 million in damages.

Herpes News: Woman Wins $900,000 in Oregon Case

“The 49-year-old Beaverton divorcee was impressed when she met a 69-year-old Southeast Portland man on the Internet dating website eHarmony.

He seemed well-educated, charming and kind. They had a lot in common, including that she was a dental hygienist and he was a retired dentist. On the fourth date — an evening that included hors d’oeuvres, wine and a few puffs of pot — the two had sex.

The woman was looking for a husband. Instead, she ended up with genital herpes.

After enduring repeated painful outbreaks of the disease and spiraling into clinical depression, she filed a lawsuit. Last week after a four-day trial, a Multnomah County jury awarded her nearly every dollar she was asking for: $900,000 for her pain and suffering.

Jurors were asked to ponder fundamental questions about dating and sex in today’s times: Was the man obligated to tell his date that he had genital herpes before they had unprotected sex? Did he truly not know that he was contagious even when he wasn’t experiencing lesions? And how much should a person be compensated for a disease, albeit incurable, that affects roughly 1 in 6 adults?

The woman, who filed the case under a pseudonym, testified that she asked her date to wear a condom and he said OK, but the next thing she knew he wasn’t wearing a condom and it was too late. Afterward, as they were lying in bed and talking about the chemistry between them, she said he broke the news to her: He had herpes. She kicked him out of her house.”

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