Herpes Treatment Drugs to Manage Herpes Symptoms: Video

12 Apr Herpes Treatment Drugs to Manage Herpes Symptoms: Video

herpes treatment drugsThere are two forms of the herpes simplex virus. Cures for either form of the virus have not yet been made, but both can be managed using herpes remedies. HSV 1 is very common and is often referred to as cold sores or fever blisters. Herpes type I outbreaks are usually preceded by a tingling for 1-2 days and normally last for 3- 7 days after crusting over. HSV 2, or genital herpes, can take up to 2 weeks after exposure to appear and may reappear 2-6 times during the first year. Both types of herpes can be transmitted to the genital region through sexual contact.

In the video below, dermatologist Dr. Stuart Zweibel, MD, PhD discusses the symptoms of both types of the herpes simplex virus. Without a cure, treating herpes properly is essential.

Prescribed Herpes Treatment Is Not the Only Option to Deal with Herpes Symptoms

While using prescription herpes treatment  can help you manage uncomfortable and embarrassing herpes symptoms, prescribed remedies are not your only option. A natural herpes treatment is a side-effect free way to reduce the severity and duration of herpes outbreaks.

Until cures are formulated that can destroy oral and genital herpes, antiviral remedies are the only way to effectively treat this disease. If real herpes cures existed, they could destroy herpes labialis and genital herpes cells where they reside – deep in the nerve roots, often hidden away in the spinal column.

Cures are being developed, but until then non-prescribed herbal remedies are the best way to manage oral or genital herpes. Natural treatments are very effective and also free of side effects. Their lower price relative to other herpes “cures” is another great feature of this treatment.

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