How Do You Get Herpes in Your Mouth?

15 Jun How Do You Get Herpes in Your Mouth?

how do you get herpes in your mouthWith so many myths and misconceptions surrounding the herpes simplex virus, it is no wonder people everywhere are becoming increasingly confused about HSV transmission. One of the most popular questions regarding this matter is, “How do you get herpes in your mouth?” — and while most people assume the answer is from HSV 1, this is not always the case. Oral herpes can be caused by either an HSV 1 or HSV 2 infection and is transmitted through contact with infected skin, saliva or mucous membranes.

Once they have contracted oral herpes, infected individuals may experience a range of signs and symptoms. In addition to visible lesions, outbreaks can result in fatigue, irritability, muscle ache, a fever and more. A variety of herpes treatment options exist to help people manage their oral herpes outbreaks and prevent future recurrences.

Popular Herpes Treatment Question: “How Do You Get Herpes in Your Mouth?”

“Oral herpes is an infection of the mouth and lips caused by a specific type of the herpes simplex virus (also termed HSV-1, type 1 herpes simplex virus, or oral herpes). The virus causes painful sores on the lips, gums, tongue, roof of the mouth, inside the cheeks, and sometimes on the face and neck. It also can cause symptoms such as fever and muscle aches. People commonly refer to the infection as herpes labialis or “cold sores.” Another condition, “canker sore,” is sometimes thought to be caused by HSV, but this is not true.

There are two types of HSV, termed HSV-1 and HSV-2. These two viruses have distinctly different DNA, and both cause oral and genital lesions. However, HSV-1 causes about 80% of all oral lesions and only about 20% of genital lesions while HSV-2 causes the reverse (80% genital and 20% oral). Studies also suggest that in adolescents, up to 40% of genital herpes is caused by HSV-1 because of reported increased oral/genital contact (transmission by oral sex).”

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Once an oral herpes outbreak has occurred, symptoms typically last around 2-3 weeks and leave no visible scars. Avoiding stressful situations and using a recurrent herpes treatment can help to keep HSV dormant in your system.

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