HSV 2 Transmission

18 Jun HSV 2 Transmission

hsv 2 transmissionAnother large sum HSV 2 transmission lawsuit has been filed — this time in DuPage County, Illinois. An unnamed woman is seeking over $200,000 in damages and future herpes treatment costs from her ex-boyfriend, also from DuPage. The woman is claiming that her boyfriend, who was married during the time of the incident, knowingly infected her with genital herpes and neglected to inform her of his condition. According to court documents, the woman claims that her former boyfriend told her that he was clean, had no STDs, and was committed to a monogamous relationship with her.

This case is quite similar to a recent herpes news article in which an Ohio woman was granted $900,000 from the man who had given her genital herpes. Since no convenient cures for oral or genital herpes exist, lawsuits can often rake in a lot of cash. People who become infected with the herpes virus can sue not just for the price of treatment, but for physical, mental, and social damage caused by the condition

HSV 2 Transmission Lawsuit

“A DuPage County woman is suing her former married boyfriend for battery and emotional distress, claiming he gave her genital herpes without telling her he had contracted the disease.

The defendant, also from DuPage County, allegedly told her he didn’t have any sexually transmitted diseases and promised to be faithful to her, despite the fact that he was married and had been in a monogamous relationship for 25 years, the suit claims.

He allegedly contracted genital herpes in an encounter with another woman during their relationship, according to the suit. She claims he knew about the disease, but continued having unprotected sex with the plaintiff without telling her about it, the suit claims.

The four-count suit claims battery, fraud and both negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress. It seeks at least $200,000 in damages, plus medical and incidental expenses, compensation for lost wages and her diminished earning ability and the costs of the suit.”

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Only time will tell if the jury in this HSV 2 transmission lawsuit will rule favorably in the plaintiff’s favor.

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