What is HSV 2 Virus?

19 Jul What is HSV 2 Virus?

hsv 2 virusThe herpes simplex virus type 2, otherwise known as the genital herpes, is a sexually transmitted disease that typically causes lesions around the genital region. The disease can be transmitted to others even during times when no outbreak is present — this is one of the reasons so many people are currently infected. Though there is no herpes cure, herpes positive individuals have many oral and genital herpes remedies they can choose from including prescription medications, topical remedies for herpes as well as herbal supplements. But while there numerous alternatives, not all products are equally as effective or safe. Topical “cures” can damage the integrity of the skin and only heal current outbreaks while drugs often lead to a number of side-effects. Natural herpes remedies are typically the most effective and safest alternative to suppress and heal unwanted outbreaks.

What is Genital Herpes?

“Herpes in simple words is a disease which is transmitted through sexual intercourse. It is caused by viruses known as herpes simplex virus type 1 and herpes simplex type 2. HSV1 is the cause of oral variety and creates sores on skin tissue outside and inside the mouth, while type 2 sores appear in the genital area.

HSV-2 creates lesions around and in the genitals, anus and urethra of an infected individual. One main reason for easy transmission of genital herpes is that the symptomatic blisters are located deep in urethra or vagina that is not easily visible. Similar to oral herpes cycle, small groups or individual blisters will appear in genital region. This can feel and appear as a mild rash and can be really painful. The blisters burst and slowly heal in about 2 weeks of time.

There is no proper cure for this disease, but many treatment options are available for helping infected people manage outbreak symptoms.

Nature has provided several herbs that help in the treatment of number of diseases. A powerful immune system is the best defense against herpes.”

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While the HSV 2 virus typically appears on the genitals, it can infect the mouth as well. The same is true for HSV 1 which can infect both the oral and genital regions. It is also possible for a mother to pass genital herpes onto an infant during childbirth — this can be extremely dangerous and even deadly for the young baby. While there are no herpes cures, many herbal remedies exist to help individuals control herpes infections.

Natural herpes treatment is both effective and safe. It does not have the side effects associated with harsh chemical prescription “cures”, which are an effective form of treatment (in spite of side effects), but are very expensive as well. There are especially potent natural herpes treatments that have no known side effects and are the most powerful herpes outbreak suppression treatment on the market. Though many remedies may market themselves as cures, there are no true cures for any herpes viruses. As useful as the natural treatment is, it only cures the symptoms of herpes labialis and genital herpes – not herpes itself. Cures for oral or genital herpes would kill the virus altogether; remedies can only suppress it and prevent it from surfacing as blisters.

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