Is Recurrent Herpes Treatment Really More Popular in April?

02 Apr Is Recurrent Herpes Treatment Really More Popular in April?

recurrent herpes treatmentWhile sexual health and information is important every month of the year, April is “Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness Month” as declared by the Centers for Disease Control. This means that finding a recurrent herpes treatment is more popular than ever before. And to commemorate, we have a developed a list of the top 3 most important facts about herpes treatments.

1. Individuals in the 15-24 year old age range account for approximately 50% of all new sexually transmitted diseases. These individuals can benefit from innovations in recurrent herpes treatments.

The Cost of Recurrent Herpes Treatment

“It’s April, which means one thing: it’s time to sit back, take in the spring air, and become even more aware of whatever may be itching you down there.

The Centers for Disease Control officially has declared April “Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness Month,” so if a short and curly hasn’t popped out of that “ingrown hair” yet, it might be time to head to the clinic.

According to the CDC, STDs cost the U.S. healthcare system $17 billion a year — much of which we can credit to the little sex machines between the ages of 15 and 24.

Estimates show that kiddies in that age group make up about 25 percent of the “sexually experienced” population. However, they account for roughly 50 percent of all new STDs.”

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2. You can find a recurrent herpes treatment without turning to expensive prescription herpes drugs. Many herbal ingredients like galangal alpinia galangal, mushroom mycelia extract, zinc extract and shiitake mushroom have all demonstrated anti-hsv properties in scientific studies.

3. A recurrent herpes treatment can not only decrease the severity and duration of outbreaks, but prevent outbreaks before they even occur.

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