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05 Jun Stress and Herpes

stress and herpesAnyone infected with HSV recognizes the clear connection between stress and herpes outbreaks. High intensity situations, both good and bad, can activate lesions and they seem to have a larger impact than any other lifestyle factor. Anxiety and stress have a negative effect on the immune system and make it harder for the body to fight off infections. Taking a stress reliever as part of your herpes treatment can significantly improve the body’s ability to heal current blisters as well as prevent future outbreaks.

The best herpes treatment incorporates antivirals with a stress reliever to attack HSV from multiple angles. …Read More»

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30 May Best Herpes Treatment

best herpes treatmentThe best herpes remedies can often prevent future herpes outbreaks — and effective herbal herpes “cures” are available that do not require a doctor’s prescription. Although herpes is quite common, many are embarrassed and ashamed about their condition and avoid seeking medical treatment or getting proper oral or genital herpes remedies. Genital herpes, typically caused by HSV 2, is thought of as being more negative than HSV 1, despite being easier to conceal from the public. Oral herpes outbreaks, normally brought on by HSV 1, are more socially acceptable, but are hard to hide.

If either an oral or genital outbreak does occur, making use of herpes remedies can often help to speed up healing time in addition to inhibiting recurrent herpes. Some natural remedies can even prevent outbreaks from occurring altogether! …Read More»

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