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07 Jun Oral and Genital Herpes

oral and genital herpesHerpes Simplex is the cause of herpes labialis and genital herpes. While herpes appears to have been around for centuries, it was only acknowledged as a sexually transmitted disease in 1970. Both oral and genital herpes can be transmitted through oral or genital contact, but genital herpes is classified as a sexually transmitted disease while herpes labialis is not.

The herpes simplex virus is found in cold sores and genital blisters, but can also be found in bodily fluids such as sexual secretions and saliva. This fluid can enter the body through orifices and open wounds. There are no cures for either form of herpes, but treatment is available. …Read More»

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05 Jun Stress and Herpes

stress and herpesAnyone infected with HSV recognizes the clear connection between stress and herpes outbreaks. High intensity situations, both good and bad, can activate lesions and they seem to have a larger impact than any other lifestyle factor. Anxiety and stress have a negative effect on the immune system and make it harder for the body to fight off infections. Taking a stress reliever as part of your herpes treatment can significantly improve the body’s ability to heal current blisters as well as prevent future outbreaks.

The best herpes treatment incorporates antivirals with a stress reliever to attack HSV from multiple angles. …Read More»

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01 Jun Herpes Virus Treatment

herpes virus treatmentBecause HSV is a very common sexually transmitted disease, effective herpes virus remedies are important to a large number of individuals. While it is more likely that herpes will be transmitted during an outbreak, HSV is transmittable even when no lesions are present. Taking an antiviral can help to prevent herpes outbreaks while decreasing the likelihood that  it will be spread to sexual partners. A number of herpes remedies exist including over the counter herpes remedies and prescription herpes medications.

During an initial HSV outbreak, infected individuals not only suffer from painful blisters, they often experience herpes outbreak symptoms including rash, body aches, painful urination, fever, swollen glands and more. …Read More»

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30 May Best Herpes Treatment

best herpes treatmentThe best herpes remedies can often prevent future herpes outbreaks — and effective herbal herpes “cures” are available that do not require a doctor’s prescription. Although herpes is quite common, many are embarrassed and ashamed about their condition and avoid seeking medical treatment or getting proper oral or genital herpes remedies. Genital herpes, typically caused by HSV 2, is thought of as being more negative than HSV 1, despite being easier to conceal from the public. Oral herpes outbreaks, normally brought on by HSV 1, are more socially acceptable, but are hard to hide.

If either an oral or genital outbreak does occur, making use of herpes remedies can often help to speed up healing time in addition to inhibiting recurrent herpes. Some natural remedies can even prevent outbreaks from occurring altogether! …Read More»

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28 May Herpes Treatment News

herpes treatment newsAs indicated by a number of court cases and settlements, one is legally responsible to inform sexual partners if he or she knows that s/he has been infected with an STD. The following herpes treatment news article discusses a number of high profile cases in which herpes infected individuals sued the sexual partner who transmitted the disease to them.

  • Thomas Redmond sued for $6.75 million
  • Tony Bennett sued for $90 million
  • Robin Williams sued for $6.2 million
  • Michael Vick sued for unknown sum
  • Cheating husband in California sued for $2.49 million

The sums awarded to individuals not only go toward herpes treatment expenses, they act to cover the physical and mental suffering associated with the disease. …Read More»

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25 May Signs of Genital Herpes in Women

signs of herpes in womenWhile the general signs of genital herpes in males and females are similar, there are some signs of herpes in women that do not affect men. Both sexes typically suffer with pain, itching and blisters, but many women experience the following unique symptoms:

  • Blisters on the vulva and vaginal opening
  • Cervicitis
  • Pain with urination
  • Infection and inflammation of the urethra
  • Vaginal discharge

Occasionally, women who get genital herpes do not experience any herpes symptoms, and they do not seek out herpes remedies. New research suggests that young women who are not aware they are infected with HSV 2 might be inciting the present herpes epidemic. Many women who have not been tested and see no indication that they have herpes and are unknowingly spreading HSV to others. …Read More»

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23 May Herpes Disease Symptoms

herpes disease symptomsHerpes disease symptoms usually appear within 2-20 days of the initial infection, but it may take years before the first episode occurs. These initial herpes blisters take an average of 2-4 weeks to heal before the virus becomes dormant. Further outbreaks may appear multiple times each year and are more prevalent and painful in individuals with weakened immune systems. Without a recurrent herpes treatment, herpes outbreaks usually heal in about 10-14 days.

If you have been infected with the herpes simplex virus, there are a number of safe and effective herpes treatment options to prevent recurrent outbreaks and speed the healing of current blisters. …Read More»

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21 May What Should I Do if I Have Herpes?

what should i do if i have herpesIf you are asking yourself “What should I do if I have herpes?” the answer is simple — accept it. Anyone with herpes wishes they could change the past, but learning to cope with this illness and seek out appropriate herpes remediesis critical. Until a herpes cures are created, it is important to move on and enjoy life without getting caught up thinking about “what ifs…”

If you have oral or genital herpes, taking a daily antiviral can help to suppress herpes outbreaks and decrease the likelihood of passing on the virus to sexual partners. Additionally, herpes remedies can help current outbreaks heal much faster than they would without remedies. …Read More»

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18 May Genital Herpes Symptoms and Signs

genital herpes symptoms and signsTypically when people think about genital herpes symptoms, blisters and bumps on the genital region come to mind — but outbreaks can cause other uncomfortable effects as well. Oftentimes, herpes suffers experience flu-like symptoms, back pain and headaches in addition to the itching, burning and pain associated with open herpes sores.

Herpes lesions in the genital region are typically caused by HSV 2, but can also be brought on by an HSV 1 infection (often referred to as oral herpes). Herpes “cures” are available to increase the healing of current herpes blisters while preventing future herpes outbreaks. Natural herpes remedies boost the immune system help to protect your body from the effects of stress and other herpes outbreak triggers. …Read More»

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16 May Herpes Treatment Over the Counter: Video

herpes treatment over the counter

Because there are currently no cures for facial or genital herpes, men and women with herpes must try and find relief using either over the counter (OTC) herpes remedies or a herpes drug treatment through a doctor’s prescription. Facial herpes, usually caused by an HSV 1 infection (though it can be caused by genital herpes), can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing — and without remedies a fever blister may take up to 2 weeks for the healing process to complete. Be sure to avoid contact with others if you are suffering with a herpes labialis or genital herpes outbreak as they are very contagious at this point. OTC herpes remedies are available to help prevent herpes outbreaks and speed healing time.

In the video below, Dr. Stephen H. Mandy, Dermatologist discusses herpes remedies while explaining that there is no cure for herpes labialis or genital herpes.

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