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27 Apr Herbal Herpes Treatment

herbal herpes treatmentRather than suffer through the high costs and unwanted side-effects of prescription herpes treatment drugs, many infected individuals are opting for safer and arguably more effective herbal herpes treatment options. Fever blisters (caused by HSV 1) and genital lesions (typically a result of HSV 2) can both benefit from natural herpes treatment alternatives.

A genital herpes treatment made using herbal ingredients typically works by strengthening the immune system and prevent recurrent herpes outbreaks. This same type of herpes treatment can work just as well on both oral herpes and herpes zoster (shingles). By managing herpes and suppressing outbreaks, infected individuals are less likely to pass on HSV and are able to live virtually outbreak free. …Read More»

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26 Apr Oral Herpes Treatment: Video

oral herpes treatmentWhile there are currently no herpes cures, infected individuals may find relief from oral and genital herpes remedies. Both HSV 1 (oral herpes) and HSV 2 (genital herpes) are transmitted to the mouth or genitals through skin-to-skin contact. And while both result in pain and lesions, genital herpes is considered a sexually transmitted disease while facial herpes is not.

You can determine if you are infected with herpes labialis or genital herpes by testing a lesion or getting a laboratory blood analysis. Even without herpes labialis or genital herpes cures, you can still manage facial and genital herpes by using natural antiviral remedies.

In the video below, Dr. Sabrina Kendrick, M.D. discusses herpes treatment, herpes transmission as well as STD testing. …Read More»

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25 Apr Treatment for Herpes Simplex

treatment for herpes simplexThe importance of a treatment for herpes simplex I and II is becoming more important than ever for housewives whose husbands have contracted the disease. A rise in the number of housewives infected with an STD is now being reported — and the number one cause is their husbands infidelity. Men who engage in sexual contact with others outside of marriage may be endangering their wives. While sexually transmitted diseases affect both males and females, the symptoms endured are often much worse for women. If a woman is infected with genital herpes, she may pass the contagious disease onto her newborn children. This makes finding a herpes treatment key for housewives and their husbands. …Read More»

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24 Apr Herpes Simplex Treatment

herpes simplex treatmentCurrently, a herpes simplex treatment is the only way to deal with the uncomfortable genital herpes symptoms that affect approximately 16.2% of all Americans 14-49. Genital herpes can cause blisters, fever and swollen glands and usually appears 4-5 times during the first year of infection. Considering the fact that herpes is a life-long disease, a herpes treatment that works is undeniably important for infected individuals. By managing the herpes virus, one can reduce the chance of spreading the virus to any sexual partners.

April has been declared “STD Awareness Month” making it a great time to become educated about herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases. …Read More»

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23 Apr Treatment of Herpes – Types of Herpes

Which Type of HerpesWhen looking for information on the treatment of herpes, it is important to understand the different types of herpes and their unique symptoms.

The herpes treatment you select will be directly impacted by your diagnosis. (Note: Oftentimes the treatment of herpes will incorporate immune boosting which will benefit each form). Here are the 5 types of herpes found in humans. …Read More»

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19 Apr Herpes Zoster Treatment

herpes zoster treatmentAccording to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly one in three Americans will develop shingles during their lifetime — and with so many painful symptoms, many of them will try and seek out a herpes zoster treatment. This painful skin rash can be very noticeable and embarrassing and often leads infected individuals to avoid stepping outdoors.

Herpes zoster is caused by the varicella zoster virus (VZV) that’s initial infection leads to chickenpox. After the short-lived chickenpox outbreak has disappeared, the virus remains dormant in the body and can result in a herpes zoster outbreak later on.

Former president of the Phillippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, attended a court hearing last week despite her herpes zoster outbreak and news of her condition quickly spread across news headlines. Herpes zoster can be very noticeable and may cause burning, itchiness, numbness, headache, fever and more. …Read More»

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18 Apr Treatment for Genital Herpes

treatment for genital herpesAn effective treatment for genital herpes can be expensive and often requires a doctor’s prescription — but managing herpes is necessary to avoid the number of symptoms herpes can cause.

A recent lawsuit involving a woman from Delavan, Wisconsin and man from Edgerton, Wisconsin set forth the question, “Is a herpes-infected individual legally responsible for informing sexual partners about his/her infection?” And if the answer is yes, “Should the person who infected you be required to pay for your herpes treatment?” Unfortunately, neither answer is clear — this court case was dismissed at the plaintiff’s request despite her claims that she suffered an array of uncomfortable and distressing effects. …Read More»

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17 Apr Treatment for Herpes

treatment for herpesPeople looking for a treatment for herpes are often hoping to reduce herpes outbreaks and decrease the chance that they will transmit herpes to their partner. Herpes treatments are becoming increasingly important as the number of individuals infected with the herpes simplex virus is on the rise. Currently approximately 25% and 12.5% of women and men are infected with the genital herpes virus, respectively.

Both HSV 1 and HSV 2 are normally transmitted during times when there is a visible lesion (though it is possible to spread herpes at any time). Therefore, until there is a cure for herpes, learning to manage herpes outbreaks is extremely important to all infected individuals. Managing herpes with a natural herpes treatment may prevent future outbreaks and lesions. …Read More»

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16 Apr Herpes Treatment and Prevention

herpes treatment and preventionWhile HSV 1 is commonly referred to as oral herpes and HSV 2 is often known as genital herpes, both HSV 1 and HSV 2 can be present in either the oral or genital regions. Herpes treatment and prevention information can help to lessen the frequency and severity of herpes outbreaks and reduce the likelihood that herpes will be passed onto a sexual partner.

HSV 1 infects approximately 90% of adults and can cause fever blister (also known as cold sores) around the mouth. HSV 1 can be transmitted to the genitals through oral contact.

HSV 2 is less common than HSV 1 as it infects only around 15-20% of adults. HSV 2, or genital herpes, can be transmitted to the oral region through genital to oral contact. …Read More»

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