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06 Jul Ways to Treat Herpes

ways to treat herpesIn order to help the large number of people suffering with unwanted herpes symptoms, Herpes Treatment Site has created a list of the 4 most popular ways to treat herpes and relieve unwanted symptoms.


  • Prescription Drugs: These physician-prescribed medications can be effective, but are costly and are associated with a large number of unwanted side-effects.


  • Topical Creams: Lotions and creams are usually less effective than antiviral oral products.


  • Home Remedies: Certain herpes treatments at home can help to soothe symptoms, but do not prevent future outbreaks or encourage the healing of current outbreaks. Popular home remedies include:
    • Taking a Warm Bath
    • Cleansing with Soap and Warm Water
    • Coating with Baking Soda/Cornstarch
    • Soothing with Ice
    • Applying Milk

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22 May Herpes Zoster Infection

herpes zoster infectionHerpes zoster, more commonly known as shingles, is caused by the varicella-zoster virus — the very same virus that causes chicken pox common among children. A shingles infection typically results in a painful skin rash and blisters, but may cause a number of other symptoms including: abdominal pain, fever, chills, headache, joint pain, vision problems, swollen glands and more.

Shingles “cures” are often a treatment that boosts the immune system — this not only helps to prevent future shingles rashes, but also helps the lesions heal faster. The same herpes remedies used to control genital herpes are often used to treat all herpes infections. While true cures for these strains of herpes viruses do not exist, remedies that can keep blisters from forming are the next best thing to true cures. …Read More»

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08 May Herpes Simplex Virus Treatment

herpes simplex virus treatmentWith nearly 1 million new cases of genital herpes diagnosed every year, it should be no surprise that the herpes simplex treatment market is projected to grow in the near future. While researchers everywhere are trying to formulate a herpes cure, people with herpes must turn to “cures” to manage herpes. Herpes treatment drugs (including Zovirax, Valtrex, Famvir and Denavir) are often prescribed to treat herpes, but with a large number of side-effects and the potential for drug related toxicity, many avoid this expensive option.

Natural herpes remedies are also available to people with oral or genital herpes who want to alleviate the condition and prevent future outbreaks. Formulated using antivirals and immune boosters found in nature, these herbal products can be extremely effective and completely safe. …Read More»

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02 May Herpes Medication

herpes medicationBecause there is no herpes treatment cure, once an individual is infected with the herpes simplex virus, it is with him for life. To treat herpes, a consumer can turn to an antiviral herpes medication, natural herpes simplex treatment or simply do nothing at all. Antiviral herpes medications do work, but they are often extremely expensive and come with a number of unwanted side-effects.

Fact of the matter is finding a herpes medication to manage HSV symptoms may not be as effective as antivirals found in nature. And unlike drugs, these herbal ingredients boost the immune system as a whole to prevent other infections and improve one’s overall health.

Man-made antivirals can only target one specific infection — and if a broad-spectrum antiviral was developed, it would likely eradicate good bacteria as well as unwanted infections.
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30 Apr Herpes Treatment Options

herpes treatment optionsWhen a genital herpes outbreak occurs it most often results in a number of blisters in, on or around the genitals or rectum — and once these blisters erupt, they leave small sores that can take two to four weeks to heal. Herpes “cures” for herpes simplex type 2 range from washing with soap, applying ice and using natural herpes remedies to purchasing expensive prescription drugs and creams.

Because herpes is extremely contagious, finding a treatment for genital herpes that works is extremely important to prevent the spread of the disease. Suppressing herpes outbreaks dramatically reduces the chance that one will pass the virus on and infect sexual partners. While it is not always easy to pinpoint what leads to a herpes outbreak, the following conditions seems to be associated with frequent recurrences of the herpes simplex virus:

  • Stress
  • The Flu
  • A Fever of Cold
  • A Weakened Immune System

Boosting the immune system using an herbal herpes treatment may decrease the likelihood and severity of future herpes recurrences. …Read More»

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04 Apr Could a Herpes Treatment Cure Save the Coral Reefs?

herpes treatment cureWhile most people are aware of oral and genital herpes infections in humans, few know that the herpes simplex virus might actually be responsible for the decrease in the world’s coral reef population. The herpes infecting coral reefs is not the exact same virus that infects humans, but outbreaks in both can be triggered by increased stress. Could finding a herpes treatment cure actually save the dying coral reefs?

Unlike humans, coral reefs cannot prevent the spread of the virus by using contraceptives as they reproduce asexually. This might lead one to pose the question “how do you stop something that reproduces asexually from contracting herpes?” Finding a herpes treatment cure might be the only answer. …Read More»

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