Top Reasons to Avoid Prescription HSV Drugs

25 Jun Top Reasons to Avoid Prescription HSV Drugs

Prescription DrugsOnce infected with the herpes simplex virus (commonly known as HSV), an individual has a number of options to deal with the various symptoms and signs. Oftentimes, consumers automatically turn to prescription drugs to deal with their illnesses despite the fact that many ingredients found in nature can manage their ailments with fewer side effects and at a lower cost. Herpes Treatment Site’s “Top Reasons to Avoid Prescription HSV Drugs” was developed in an effort to educate readers of the negative aspects of herpes simplex virus medications

The Top Reasons to Avoid Prescription HSV Drugs

  • They require a doctor’s prescription and regular office visits.  Not only do you have to visit the doctor for your initial prescription, you must go back regularly for refills and checkups.
  • They can be extremely expensive.  While insurance can sometimes shrink the total out-of-pocket cost of prescriptions, individuals without insurance are forced to absorb the total price of the medications.
  • They are often accompanied by an array of unwanted side effects.  Common side effects of prescription herpes treatment drugs include dizziness, headache, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting and more.
  • There are a number of natural ingredients that are more effective and safe.
  • They can interfere with your other medications.
  • Natural alternatives can offer additional health benefits that prescription medications cannot.
    Many of the ingredients used in herbal herpes treatments offer benefits other than simply suppressing HSV and encouraging outbreaks to heal
  • They can cause severe side effects in some individuals. Severe side effects that plague prescription herpes treatments include hallucinations, seizures, depression, speech problems, difficulty breathing and more.

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