Treatment for Genital Herpes

18 Apr Treatment for Genital Herpes

treatment for genital herpesAn effective treatment for genital herpes can be expensive and often requires a doctor’s prescription — but managing herpes is necessary to avoid the number of symptoms herpes can cause.

A recent lawsuit involving a woman from Delavan, Wisconsin and man from Edgerton, Wisconsin set forth the question, “Is a herpes-infected individual legally responsible for informing sexual partners about his/her infection?” And if the answer is yes, “Should the person who infected you be required to pay for your herpes treatment?” Unfortunately, neither answer is clear — this court case was dismissed at the plaintiff’s request despite her claims that she suffered an array of uncomfortable and distressing effects.

Lawsuit: Treatment for Genital Herpes

“A lawsuit filed by a Delavan woman who said an Edgerton man gave her herpes has been dismissed in Rock County Court.

The defendant’s attorney filed a stipulation for dismissal at the woman’s request, according to court documents. Rock County Judge James Welker signed the stipulation April 2.

The 34-year-old Delavan woman filed suit in July in Walworth County Court seeking medical costs and punitive damages from the 36-year-old Edgerton man with whom she said she had a sexual relationship. The case moved to Rock County in March.

She claimed the man had a legal responsibility to inform her before infecting her with herpes.

Since she was tested positive for HSV-1 and -2 in May 2011, the woman has experienced muscle aches, fever, intense itching and genital sores, anxiety attacks, insomnia, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts and depression, according to the lawsuit.

She also has suffered emotional distress because her husband has been unable and reluctant to have sexual relations with her, according to court documents. The infection has made her unable to work as a registered nurse, according to court documents.”

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A treatment for genital herpes can inhibit future outbreaks as well as decrease the duration of current lesions. Additionally, suppressing herpes outbreaks lessens the risk that you will transmit the herpes virus to a sexual partner.

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