How to Keep Your Immune System “Tuned Up” to Prevent Outbreaks

23 Mar How to Keep Your Immune System “Tuned Up” to Prevent Outbreaks

Tune Up Your Immune System

Prevent Outbreaks

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Your immune system is your best defense against outbreaks (as well as other illnesses) Here are some tips on keeping your immune system running it’s best!Get plenty of rest- Preferably eight hours a night.  Sleep gives your body the chance to re-energize for the next day, as well as recover from the current days stress on the body.Avoid Poor Quality Food – Fried, processed, high sugar and high sodium foods tax your body instead of supporting your immune system. Try to eat fresh foods prepared with as little fat, salt, trans-fat and sugar as possible to give your immune system the fuel it needs.

Avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol – the less your body has to deal with substances that are harmful, the more your immune system can work on keeping you healthy and avoiding outbreaks. Drink alcohol in moderation.

Get Regular Exercise – Exercise keeps your immune system up, so even if you just go for a walk around the block it will pay off! A little sunshine each day (careful to use lip balm with SPF if you are prone to cold sores) will also help by boosting your natural vitamin D.

Include Fresh Fruit in your diet – Fruits are rich in anti-oxidants, so be sure to include them in your daily diet whether it is eating them or juicing them.  Fruit is the easiest way to incorporate daily anti-oxidants in your diet!

Take an immunity boosting supplement – Supplements will insure that you are getting the nutrients that keep your immune system functioning.

Take care of your emotional health – Make sure you take time out for yourself, focus on the positives in your life, watch a funny movie or TV show, do what makes you happy for at least a few minutes every day. If you find you are dwelling on things that make you unhappy, consider therapy to help you break out of that pattern.


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