What Should I Do if I Have Herpes?

21 May What Should I Do if I Have Herpes?

what should i do if i have herpesIf you are asking yourself “What should I do if I have herpes?” the answer is simple — accept it. Anyone with herpes wishes they could change the past, but learning to cope with this illness and seek out appropriate herpes remediesis critical. Until a herpes cures are created, it is important to move on and enjoy life without getting caught up thinking about “what ifs…”

If you have oral or genital herpes, taking a daily antiviral can help to suppress herpes outbreaks and decrease the likelihood of passing on the virus to sexual partners. Additionally, herpes remedies can help current outbreaks heal much faster than they would without remedies.

Herpes Treatment Question: What Should I Do if I Have Herpes?

“Say it. Say it out-loud. “I have herpes.” Accept that you have genital herpes. That is done. No amount of self-flagellation will change that one singular fact. You got it. It’s for life.

Acceptance around simply having herpes allows us to drop that irrational hope of somehow getting rid of herpes so we can live life “like it used to be.” This acceptance around herpes allows us to move into our life as it actually is without the fantasy.

Hey, everyone’s got stuff, everyone’s got baggage. Ours includes herpes (maybe a few other nice carry-on items). So what are we going to do with our life now that we’ve accepted we have baggage? Yes, life with herpes doesn’t look exactly the same as life without herpes. But what are you still comparing for anyway?
So let’s wrap this baby up: “If I’m in total acceptance that I have herpes, then what?” Ask yourself that question. What does a person who has moved on from having herpes be an issue do in their life? You can be that person right now”

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If you are infected with the herpes virus, know that you are not alone — research suggests that around one in six people is infected. You may also take comfort in knowing that natural herpes treatments and herpes medications are available to help manage herpes symptoms. Do you think other people ever ask themselves “What should I do if I have herpes?” — give them the answering by clicking the STUMBLE button below.

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